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Strong performances in four out of seven sectors in Vietnam’s technical consumer goods market

GfK TEMAX results for Vietnam, Q3 2018

Hanoi, Oct 31, 2018 – The technical consumer goods (TCG) market in Vietnam registered a slightly increase by 0.1 percent in Q3 2018, compared to Q3 2017.

There were excellent performances in the consumer electronics (CE) sector, small domestic appliances (SDA), major domestic appliances (MDA) and photography (PHO). Otherwise, Telecomunications (TC),  Information Technology (IT) and office equipment and consumables (OE) sector were the disappointing sectors with a negative growth.

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Economic data 2017

  • 6.8
    GDP growth in %
  • 2,350
    GDP per capita in USD
  • 2.1
    Unemployment rate in %
  • 3.5
    Inflation rate, avg. consumer prices in %
  • 28,902,600
    Number of households
  • N/A
    Purchasing power per household in EUR
Data for GDP, unemployment and inflation rate by World Bank, IMF, ILO, National statistics portals; Data for number of households and purchasing power by GfK GeoMarketing; Updated: 5 May 2018