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The NL Market for Technical Consumergoods: Q1 – first impact of Covid-19!

GfK TEMAX results for the Netherlands, Q1 2020

Amstelveen, May 12th, 2020.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Dutch market for technical consumer goods shows growth compared to the same period last year. This growth is mainly driven by IT, Major -and Small Domestic Appliances. In particular, the coronavirus outbreak in The Netherlands since the end of February, has made a significant contribution to this growth! For example, we see double digit growth figures within a large number of product groups such as, freezers, hair clippers, digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, computer monitors, notebooks, routers, webcams and keyboards.

The pdf press release has been replaced by the Category Insights chart below. 

Niels van Steijn
Niels van Steijn
+31 (0) 88435 1633

Table summary

Netherlands Q1 2020
Q2 2019 M. USD Q3 2019 M. USD Q4 2019 M. USD Q1 2020 M. USD Q1 2020 / Q1 2019 / +/- % Q1 2020 M. USD Q1 2020 / Q1 2019 +/- %
Consumer Electronics (CE) 340 328 472 nan nan% nan nan%
Photo (PH) 77 68 65 nan nan% nan nan%
Major Domestic Appliances (MDA) 637 615 698 nan nan% nan nan%
Small Domestic Appliances (SDA) 281 254 343 nan nan% nan nan%
Information Technology (IT) 485 597 653 nan nan% nan nan%
Telecommunications (TC) 765 774 955 nan nan% nan nan%
Office Equipment & Consumables (OE) 102 94 109 nan nan% nan nan%
GfK TEMAX ® Netherlands 2,686 2,729 3,296 nan nan% nan nan%
Niels van Steijn
+31 (0) 88435 1633